Welcome to Humbly Made

 Hello my name is Mitch Shepherd and I am the one behind the brand. Humbly Made was created out of the need for me to create and connect with others in the world. As a professional designer I have worked with many different clients over the years but as time went by I knew that I needed a new outlet to create and connect with people. I wanted to create things that I enjoyed myself and put them out into the world and watch them resonate with others. And so Humbly Made was born. 
The messages behind the brand is simple. To make a connection with people through design. Design to me is much more than just the visual outcome or a tangible item. It's more about the connection that it creates between people. These connections are what keeps us all pushing ahead in pursuit of something greater. So I say to you all Become Great. Remain Humble!

Follow Along
If you like what you see and want to follow along in my journey make sure to check out my Instagram or Twitter page. I will post a blend of behind the scenes stuff for the brand and my life as I progress through this beautiful world. I will also do my best to document things in my blog.