April's Designer Series Wrap Up

April's Designer Series Wrap Up

April's "Create More Than You Consume" Designer
Series Shirt Was a Success! 

Last month for my Designer Series t-shirt project I had the opportunity to work with the talented hand lettering machine, Dina RodriguezIf you don't know much about Dina yet, you can read my interview with her here.

As Dina kicked around different ideas for April's design, she couldn't get away from the phrase, "Create More Than You Consume." As she explained, "I’ve always loved the phrase “create more than you consume” because it motivates me to stop thinking and start doing. I would spend hours pinning, sharing, reading, and finding inspiration that it would get in the way of me making any real progress."

Once Dina pitched the idea to me I was hooked! I loved the direction of the design and I thought it would be something that any creative person could connect with. We decided to approached the new design with a few simple goals in mind:

1) Create a design that inspires others to just start making. 

2) Design a shirt with a nice retro feel using hand lettered       typography. 

3) Produce a quality shirt that everyone will enjoy.

Once the concept for the shirt was finalized, we moved forward with the direction and put together sketches and color options. We picked out some funky colors for the lettering and paired it on a nice retro soft chocolate brown shirt. Below you can take a look at the process of the shirt being made. 



Not familiar with my Designer Series
t-shirt project? 

If you haven't heard about my new project yet, this year I launched a monthly t-shirt project called; the Designer Series. Each month I will get the chance to work with new designers to create limited edition t-shirts, that will only be available for that month. If you're not familiar with the project, you can learn more about it and how it will work here